Are stacy and clinton dating

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The Timeless star and his beauty blogger wife announced the happy news Wednesday, gleefully revealing how much they're 'looking forward to experiencing all of the firsts' with People.'First steps, first words, first everything,' gushed the Ohio-born actor, 'We keep picturing the quiet moments (after the loud ones, of course) and morning snuggles with our baby!

'Matt and wife Angela told the magazine 'We are both overjoyed to be blessed with this new addition to our family.'The duo also got candid about the ups and downs of the first-time mom's initial three months.'The first trimester was a little bumpy,' Angela revealed, 'I was pretty much textbook for all first trimester symptoms.'The blogger - who boasts 173k Youtube subscribers - said she 'beyond thankful' though, explaining '...

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Actor Matt Lanter and wife Angela Stacy are expecting their first child.

(No last name – just ‘Carmindy.’ Like Madonna.) Stacy London grew up in Manhattan and graduated from Vassar College with a degree in philosophy and literature.