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The first three types of leave are usually given for a time-limited period of up to five years, and it is very important that an application for extension is made before the leave expires.The previous status is retained pending a decision on the application.1Note that people who receive a positive decision on their asylum application are often referred to as, or consider themselves to be, 'refugees', even if they are granted one of the other statuses above.Most refugees and others granted leave to remain are directed to the nearest Jobcentre Plus office to claim jobseeker's allowance (JSA).

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The claim form itself still does not mention backdating, which is disappointing.

In spite of all this, will not be actively seeking out those who may have missed out on backdating in the past. If you think you may have missed out on backdating, you may be able to have your case looked at again even if you no longer claim tax credits or your claim has already ended.

The main group is those who are in work but who are not responsible for children. In those cases, the claim is normally paid only from the date did not tell claimants that they could be entitled to backdating, nor how to ask for it.

Until more recently, backdating was generally not mentioned on the claim form, or in the claim form notes, or in any of the WTC leaflet series or on the updated their website and the claim form notes from April 2010 to include information about backdating and how to request it.

Under the current tax credits legislation, a new claim for tax credits can be backdated up to 31 days before the day it is received by if the claimant would have qualified for tax credits during the period of backdating.