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There was almost always someone willing to pay for the pleasure. She’s been pregnant, though — a lot — but never had kids.

“But then they came out to see us, saw that our faces were sunken in and how skinny we were, and they lowballed us down to, like, $6,000.

We had to struggle just to get the price we did.” Randy, now a beer-bellied process server also in recovery, never made his own porn.

“I would masturbate for eight hours straight,” she says.

“I remember once that the dildo I was using got so hot, I had to wear an oven mitt.” But such occasions were rare. “And most of them were unprotected.” Theresa was lucky. But she’s never tested positive for gonorrhea, syphilis or HIV.

(See “Ice, Ice, Baby” for more details about meth moms.) As reports of HIV infections increase in Maricopa County, local health officials say widespread meth use is to blame.