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He tearfully tells his lesbian ex-colleague Cristina (whom Vicente had loved six years prior) of his kidnapping, forced sex change, and the murders.

Then, as his mother enters the room, Vicente quietly reveals his identity to her in the final line of the movie -- "I am Vicente." This became the core of the adaptation, which over time moved further and further from the original plot of the novel.

Vera reveals to Marilia that he has been held captive for the last six years.

Back in the present, Robert's new relationship with Vera dismays Marilia, who does not trust Vera.

Ostensibly going downstairs to find lubricant, he retrieves Robert's gun and kills Robert and Marilia.


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    Even the second tier online dating sites pack a punch with hundreds of thousands of members. The abundance of choice though has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that there are a ton of bad online dating sites full of fake profiles and empty promises. Unlike e Harmony though, I spent a lot more time weeding through lower quality profiles.

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    The site has 1.4 million registered users, so the opportunities for making friends and meeting new people are never-ending.

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    "As much as it's nice to have time off, I'm sure I'm not the only person that misses the team atmosphere during off-season," commented Cyrus, who has represented Caribbean nation Grenada on 16 occasions.