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Here are some unexpected, fun facts about the Hogwarts Express. The Hogwarts Express was built in early-to-mid 19th century century.Ottaline Gambol, then the Minister of Magic, was inspired by the Muggle invention of trains.

A bunch of red haired, cute little rascals....wouldn't want a piece of that?

Brave Bill, Adventure-loving Charlie, Brilliant Percy, goofy twins Fred and George(you can pick your favorite) and Adorable little Ron..you want to find your destined Weasley, take this quiz!

I don't always build gingerbread houses, but when I do I build Hogwarts castle #happychristmas #hogwartsholiday #gingerbreadhogwarts #somanycrumbs A post shared by Kali Bailey (@whereiskalibailey) on JK Rowling taught English as a foreign language at evening classes in Portugal in the early '90s.

This very, very hard Harry Potter quiz should only be attempted if you’ve tried the easy and medium rounds first.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione met for the very first time when they ended up in the same Hogwarts Express compartment on September 1, 1991. Prefects ride in a separate compartment from the rest of the students, located toward the front of the train.10.


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    Záclony a závěsy mají v bytě praktickou a dekorační funkci a zútulní každý domov.

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    In other words, meat is digested by enzymes produced by our own bodies.

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    In fact, early this year, it was announced in the news by the President of the Philippines that there will be more POEA jobs for Canada.

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    The entire crew, including Estonian, Ukranian and Indian nationals, were arrested on charges of possessing illegal weapons – there were 35 assault rifles and 5,000 rounds of ammunition in the ship’s armoury – and they were portrayed as foreign spies sent to blow up power stations, or of being pirate-hunter mercenaries.‘We had no idea what was going on,’ says Billy, who had worked for Advan Fort for only four months, having left the Army in 2008 after ten years’ service.