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It also helps, of course, that teens and twentysomethings comprise the target audience for today’s big-budget blockbusters.

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Were you looking for a TV project and is the off-the-wall, non-standard style of the show what appealed to you? I mean, that’s definitely part of why it appealed to me but, to answer your first question, I wasn’t looking for anything. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been kept quite busy with my other gig, which is writing stuff with my friend, Jesse.

I had sort of told my people, we don’t need to hunt stuff down because I’m quite busy as it is.

This year, however, his career has really taken off, first with She’s Out of My League, then with the truly wonderful 3D animation How to Train Your Dragon, in which he is the voice of Hiccup, a timorous Viking teenager who befriends the most dangerous dragon in the world.

Next up for Baruchel is Disney’s latest live-action adventure, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, in which he plays the title role opposite Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina as a pair of ancient magicians doing battle in contemporary New York.

The actor is coming off back-to-back hit films with or was the project brought to you? I read it and it was one of these things where, the best way I can describe it is it had the sort of too-good-to-be-true kind of vibe to it.