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When did you see each other again for the first time?AD: We have a group of mutual friends, some actors in the business.

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You've haven't had to do long distance since you've been together? Every once in a while I'll say something and she'll be like, "Wow. That's why you're reacting to what you're reacting to…" And truth be told I have been very ignorant of exactly what crew members go through to get a show up and keep it running, so I think it helps our relationship. Jill has opened my eyes to that and helped me be much more supportive of them. Actors and their psyches are very interesting and it's a different situation when you're in a relationship with someone who's not competing in any way. Like she said, we have a completely different perspective and I see things differently than she sees them, and I think that it's a helpful way to navigate the business for both of us. The crop of theatre folk that were there to support them and witness their day was so eclectic.

You recently went to former If/Then cast member Curtis Holbrook and current Kinky Boots' star Cortney Wolfson's wedding. JJ: A phenomenal group of people were at that wedding. I've known them both for a very long time, and that celebration was a testament to how much we all love each other and support each other.

I love food and restaurants and so does Jill, so we want to go experience fabulous restaurants together and then write about them as two vastly different women who happen to be in a relationship together in New York City. Speaking of dates, Ariana you mentioned before that Jill plans these amazing dates. Then it started raining, so for the next part of the date she improvised. AD: I almost don't want to tell you because I don't want anybody else to go!

We got on the Jitney bus and went over to this Mexican restaurant in Jersey. We had chips and guac and a margarita and just looked at the city skyline. We really love Wine Escape on 44th between Ninth and Tenth [Avenues]. We'll take a trip up to Cold Spring or Sleepy Hollow, and spend the night up there, or go to Fire Island. AD: A lot of those towns like Cold Spring and Sleepy Hollow are historic in nature.

JJ: I'm on the crew, so for us it's a lot of stress — a lot of stress that is just unavoidable. Are you able to talk or see each other at all when Jill's at the theatre during tech? JJ: We are now going to head into another challenge of me being out of town. It's hard to do that sometimes because nobody wants to be in a vulnerable place and reveal silly illogical feelings, that we can all get at times, but it's important to just express them and laugh at them and work through them. She was so mesmerizing," and that's really the truth.