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It’s the closest thing to a penis we women have.” The brown haired girl began stroking it. She looked over at Adam, who was smiling at what he was seeing.

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“We want to see what you look like naked, Adam” The brunette said, as she and two other girls went over to Adam. All the girls caught their breath at the sight of Adam’s fully erect 8 inch dick.

“Man, look at how big his dick is” “God, it’s huge!

” the brunette asked, and the girls burst out laughing. This causes Adam to have an orgasm.” “What’s that like? “Well, his penis contracts and shoots out a thick, creamy liquid, his semen, which has millions of his sperm in it.” “Does he ever fuck your ass? “I’m a fully developed woman, and you girls are still in puberty.

As you grow your breasts will increase in size.” The girls drew closer, and one of the girls began to fondle her breasts.

As soon as the girls were seated, Catherine’s husband, Adam joined them.