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Amitabh Bachchan bought the Hindi dubbing rights, besides narrating the prologue for the Hindi version.

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When the filming was over, we presented them to the Andamans administration." Prior to the making of the film, Prabhu had broken his knee and during his recovery phase, put on considerable weight.

In order to accommodate his physique into the script, Priyadarshan altered the character to make him eat constantly in the film.9.6 crore or US$1.5 million in 2016).

Veer Savarkar (Annu Kapoor) is incarcerated and tries his best to keep the spirit of the prisoners going despite unbelievable torture.

Parvathi is Govardhan's lover who keeps waiting for him to come back. David Berry and the jail warden, Mirza Khan (Amrish Puri), hatch a plan and shoot down 13 prisoners while they are escaping. He is forcibly taken on the pretext of meeting the Chief Commissioner and is shot and killed. Sethu, after knowing that Govardhan has already been hanged to death 45 years ago, decides to not tell the truth to his wife, as her wait of 50 years will be spoiled.

Most of these excerpts covered the ruthless routine of prisoners in jail, under the command of Jailer David Barry, Major James Pattinson Walker and Petty officer Mirza Khan.