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(34) “Time share” means a right to occupy a unit or any of several units during five or more separated time periods over a period of at least five years, including renewal options, whether or not coupled with an estate or interest in a common interest community or a specified portion thereof.

(33) “Special declarant rights” means rights reserved for the benefit of a declarant to (A) complete improvements indicated on surveys and plans filed with the declaration or, in a cooperative, to complete improvements described in the public offering statement pursuant to subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of section 47-264; (B) exercise any development right; (C) maintain sales offices, management offices, signs advertising the common interest community, and models; (D) use easements through the common elements for the purpose of making improvements within the common interest community or within real property which may be added to the common interest community; (E) make the common interest community subject to a master association; (F) merge or consolidate a common interest community with another common interest community of the same form of ownership; (G) appoint or remove any officer of the association or any master association or any executive board member during any period of declarant control; (H) control any construction, design review or aesthetic standards committee or process; (I) attend meetings of the unit owners and, except during an executive session, the executive board; or (J) have access to the records of the association to the same extent as a unit owner.

Applicability of chapter and amendments thereto to common interest communities.

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Assessments due to wilful misconduct, failure to comply with standards or gross negligence.

Lien for assessments and other sums due association.

Separate common interest community not created thereby.

Exemption re covenant to share costs or other obligations.

Cause of action to enforce chapter, declaration or bylaws. In a condominium or planned community, the declarant is the owner of any unit created by the declaration.