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I understand that , but you're somewhere else so let it go. I can only imagine the shit he's had to put up through his father , both he and his brother weren't that well adjusted when they came over from Russia and they still aren't. Look at the state of gay porn , Dennis west is child molestor, Sebastian young has beaten half of Florida up, Johnny rapid wanted to bang a 14 year old and when that went south he threatened to shoot his girlfriend and some dude on Lucas entertainment killed his family. He's danced around being called Vadim for years and used it interchangeably with Luke.

He may be nice to look at but that's all he is , a face. Someone called him short and Vadim came pouncing onto this thread. I wonder how Vadim/ Luke is going to one up them all ? I'm afraid for Florida.[quote]There's no evidence he is homophobic. Vadim is finally able to be the pint sized Russian queen that Putin never her be.

His dad , Dave Hiles has been a cop in town for more than 20 years!

I played soccer against him in high school and he called everyone a fag. What do your friends back home think-- why does he do porn? I know the private school they went to made a whole deal about it and our family a few towns over ,heard about it because their family was "buying a couple of kids" and not adopting "American" kids.

Do I need Henry Cavill to REALLY fly, or is it all right for me to believe for 90 minutes that he's Superman and enjoy his performance without muttering under my breath like a basement-dwelling misfit "harumph -- he's not REALLY a superhero! And how dare anyone ENJOY seeing him pretend to be one when we all KNOW he isn't!