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He remarked, "I had devised a concept for the end of the film...

Some alien form has designed a way to use the power of a black hole's gravity to form a spherical shroud around the black hole.

" Jefferies started work from a drawing he had actually prepared for the Original Series back in 1964, already showing the Enterprise with swept-back, flattened nacelles, to be presented to Roddenberry if he did not like the first version, appropriately annotated with the remark, "change power pods [note: as the nacelles were at the time still called, the terminology carried over from The Original Series] & struts only". 84) Jefferies later sold off his redesign sketches, together with the original alternate one, on 12 December 2001 in the The Star Trek Auction, in order to raise funds for the charity organization "Motion Picture and Television Fund". But when Paramount Pictures abandoned its plans to create a fourth television network in late July 1977, they subsequently transformed the second Star Trek series into a television movie before it morphed into the first theatrical movie feature in mid-November 1977, ultimately announced to the general public on 28 March 1978.

Unlike the first redesign of the Enterprise, Jefferies' new version, subsequently elaborated upon in production art work by Mike Minor and Joe Jennings, was therefore designed along the classical lines of the original, albeit modernized. The last upgrade decision was first and foremost influenced by the run-away success of the first Star Wars film in 1977.

He also added the distinctive photon torpedo launch ports on the saucer connector and dispensed with the protruding deflector dish.


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